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7/22 - Heather Heron Rincon Surf Bags are back in stock. Made from recycled military canvas with a hemp rope closure, they're as functional as they are good to look at.


5/23 - New cutters from Stormy Monday just arrived. The man himself, Neil Harrison, dropped them off during the Battenwear party last night.

5/15 - An original Italian release Easy Rider poster just made it's way onto our walls. It's rare. It's good.

$3,800. Call the shop if you're interested.

4/30 - We are hosting a benefit for the Nest Foundation on Wednesday, May 7th. Please join us as we help raise awareness and funds to combat the child sex trade here in the US. We will have the best silent auction you've seen, thanks to our generous vendors.

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3/12 - Leather nesting trays are back in store. We thought we'd make these available to everyone as they are always in demand.

Early morning light on the Almond display.

2/21 - Early morning light hitting the Almond display.

10/17 - Freedom, Love, & Nina is going to be an incredibly special evening. Claude Hall should not be missed so please RSVP. And, Hopefully those teaser images make sense now.


10/5 - Aether is taking over Shelter Half this month with an expanded installation. We've got the full line of moto jackets along with Ruby and Snow Peak products to round it off.

8/13 - Our good friend Ben Medansky is putting together a two week ceramic handbuilding workshop for us. Check out the details and be sure to RSVP.

5/28 - Lookout & Wonderland and Roxy are putting together an awesome night with us. We'll have one-of-a-kind indigo dyed bathing suits, an indigo dye workshop, music, and drinks.  Saturday, June 14th from 7-10 PM.


5/22 - Our new friends at Battenwear landed in Los Angeles this week. We've been setting up shop over the past couple of days and we're finally ready to celebrate. We'll be hanging out at Shelter Half tonight and would love for you come and join us. We'll have some beer, some snacks, and some music from New Los Angeles Records. Take a peak at the photos below and we'll see you soon.

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5/5 - Scout Seattle just sent down a restock of Bone and Rosewood knives.

4/28 - Found Inspiration...

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3/18 - Scout Seattle always delivers on the details. These handkerchiefs are a great example as they are so simple in construction, yet beautiful in their illustrations.


10/27 - By way of Montana, Klettewerks has a new home at Shelter Half. Originally designed by Dana Gleason in the 70's, these packs are true to the originals with modernized features. 

9/17 - Jungmaven's founder Rob Jungman has an ambitious goal: Everyone in a hemp tee by 2020. We're always happy to help a cause like that. Stop by this weekend to see the installation and grab some new digs.

7/11 - We were blown away when we first heard the vocals from Geeta Novotny. Imagining her accompanying a traditional sound bath sends chills up and and down our spines. Be sure to RSVP to this one as space is limited.

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5/30 - Quiksilver Originals delivered on a new washed out red and a complete restock of 15" and 18" black board shorts. Click through to shop the 15" in black or give us a call to check availability on the others.

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5/17 - Hemp gauze scarves from our good friend Heather Heron are now available in store and online. You can wear these all year long.

5/12 - Already feels like an indian summer night here at Shelter Half.

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5/9 - Kletterwerks Tote Packs are finally here at Shelter Half.


The good guys at Almond just stopped by and refreshed the shaping bay with all new boards and a rad selection of new apparel.

4/22 - Happy Earth Day.

3/22 - We'll be at Parachute Market all weekend if you're in the downtown area.


11/13 - Made in the USA to the exact specifications from the Quiksilver archives, these shorts are the real deal. Shelter Half is the very first store to carry these shorts and we're stoked on the build out we schemed up with Quiksilver. Come check it out. Soon.


7/30 - Come out next Tuesday, August 6th, for a night of select seasonal shopping from our vendors and a drink to celebrate the opening of Book Stand.